Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'm in love with 2 guys!

How can you not adore a man who says that "the most amazing sound on the planet right now" is hearing our 2 year old son say "rhino."  

I love my husband! And I agree with him.

Mrs. K


Life with J and J said...

I absolutely agree! Cute!!!

Faith said...

So cute!

Dani @ said...

hahahahaa i understand completely. I'm in love w/ 2 guys too.

And PS: i heart the way my son says rhino too. and four. something about those two words just gets me!

TOI said...

this is awesome :)

Jah said...

Also in love with my two guys :-) And I can only the imagine the cuteness of your son saying "rhino." I practically drown in the cute when my son says "umbrella," so if it's anything like that, I totally get it!


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